Time to face my fear and … blog!

Having been inspired by some wonderful bloggers (Kay Oddone, Ceridwyn Bloxham, Cherie Basile and Katie Davis), I have begun again, this ‘Blog June’, to pick up the pen, face my fear (of being out there) and write. Thank you my virtual friends. 🙂

Girl writing in a diary, by Viktor Hanacek, from Picjumbo

I’d also like to give a shout-out to some blogs I have regularly visited over the last few years for their value to the librarian profession … Theunquietlibrarian, Stephen’s Lighthouse, The International Librarians Network .

This is a new blog in a new season (for me); a time to reflect on, and record, my thoughts, discoveries and experiences as I traverse the information-highway-cum-datasphere. I won’t blog daily, perhaps not even weekly, but will aspire to a few posts monthly. Admittedly, the portability of blogging sites today facilitates a catch-up at any time, but that’s just it…time, that all important commodity. In my opinion, minutes are getting shorter, and time is speeding up. Really, where have those long, leisurely Jane Austen afternoons gone?

Jane Austen med
Flickr image: Regency three 2008, by Owen Benson under creative commons (BY-NC) licence 2.0

Because I have not yet ‘landed’ (i.e. I’ve not yet set my feet upon terra firma for the final time)…

Flying over Doha (598x800) - Copy
Flickr image: Flying over Doha by DesertSandz on creative commons (BY-NC-ND) lic 2.0 

…some entries will no doubt cover daily experiences (or frustrations) as an expat here in the Middle East, dotted with the unique experience of trying to secure an Australian entry visa (migrant). I’m hoping to also write about my experiences if and when I land up in Brisbane (or elsewhere), and about the intricacies of trying to find work in the latter years.

I will be honoured if you would pay a virtual visit to my posts. When you do, feel free to leave a calling card by way of comments.

calling card
Flickr image: Peony calling card by Sarah Parrot,on CC (BY-NC-ND) licence 2.0



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