Rudai 23

To introduce this course, here is the write-up from the Rudai 23 website:

What is Rudaí 23?

“Rudaí 23 is an online, self-directed course based on the 23 Things format that was originally designed by Helen Blowers for the staff of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library in 2006.

The purpose of a 23 Things course is to provide an opportunity for individuals to explore online tools, in particular social media tools and learn about what’s current in the ever changing web 2.0 sphere. The original course had 23 modules – hence the name. The course has been replicated, adopted and shared online over 700 times world-wide since it’s birth in 2006, not just among library professionals but other professions also.There is no question that librarians have embraced the web wholeheartedly in the past 20 years. There is now a vibrant and passionate network of information professionals online that love to share information and connect with their online community in the same way they would connect with their community in the physical library.”

The first 23 posts of my blog will be about the requirements for this course.  I decided to use it to get into the pattern of blogging, while enhancing my knowledge about online networking tools. I’m not sticking to the original planned timeline; I began in the second week of June 2016.  To complete the course may take a good 6 months at the going rate, but the value of it will still be enjoyed. 🙂

Thank you to all who contributed to putting this course together.